SEO Smoothie Challenge

The #2 month of the life of our SEO company (January 2021)

This is the second post that updates you on how our challenge is going on. It contains information on what has been planned for the first month, what has been done, conclusions and a plan for the next month. You already know what our Search Engine Optimisation goal is and now is the time to brag and say that locally (in Galway) we are almost there.

In the following post, we keep sharing how we managed our SEO Digital Marketing Company website over the second month including our Search Engine Optimisation results followed by the next short plans.

The Plan for the second month was

Create 10 new posts              Only 8The #1 Month Report  
December 2020 WorkLog  
The SEO Stuffing Experiment – First results  
Domain name keyword stuffing  
“Website coming soon!” for 8 years  
Alt Text SEO  
Core Web Vitals vs Pure Client UX  
Create price information pageDONEPricing Policy
Create referral pageDONEPricing Policy
Create free audit pop-up (in the blog)DONE
Create How-To blocksDONE 3What is Alt Text?
Keyword Research
Technical SEO
Perform regular social media activityDONE 
Establish the KPIs and set targetsNO 
Start tracking campaigns (Free Audit in Social Media for example) DONENew website build Email Campaign
Backlink building  YES 

If you want to check how we did during the first month, please visit: SEO Smoothie Challenge month #1.

What we did during the second month

Here is a list of the tasks we completed during the second month. It is a long and boring list, but anyway, if you are curious and want to check it out, here is a link: January 2021 Work Log

Technical SEO Audit

Here is the Technical Audit 01 Feb 2021. We have noticed some small problems that we fix immediately.

Have we completed our expectations?

Create 10 new posts: We managed to complete 80% of the plan.

Create price and referral information pages: We have established our pricing policy and, as part of our 100% transparency policy, we share not only the prices, but also how they have been calculated.

Create free audit pop-up: It is up and running in the blog section.

SEO Smoothie Challenge • Free SEO Pop-Up • SEO Company • Ireland

Create How-To blocks: We have created them in three places: “What is Alt Text”, “Keyword Research” and “Technical SEO”.

Perform regular social media activity: According to the plan.

Establish the KPIs and set targets: Unfortunately not. Leaving it for the next month.

Start tracking campaigns: Yes, UTM tracking implemented in our “Free new website Audit email campaign”.

Backlink building: Probably not as much as we should. Anyway, we started doing it on the job market, too.

Here we want to share some screenshots from our Search Console after our second month

The Plan for the Third Month

  • Create 10 new posts
  • Improve the Blog navigation
  • Create engaging pop-up for the regular pages.
  • Create 3 new How-To blocks
  • Create 3 new FAQ blocks
  • Perform regular social media activity
  • Increase the ranking of some GMB keywords (based on the report)
  • Establish the KPIs and set targets
  • Create a buyer persona
  • Extend the Keywords list
  • YouTube Presence – Create and include videos on Website and GMB
  • Backlink building