Off-Page optimization is the enhancing of a website’s search engine rankings through activities outside of the website.

Google counts the number and the quality of the links to a page (PageRank) to determine the importance of a website.

The more high-quality backlinks you have from reputable websites, the more credible your website is seen to be and search engines will rank you more highly as a result. Search engines can detect whether or not a backlink should add to your website’s reputation.

What to Audit

Audit the Domain rank, referring domains and backlinks of your website’s home page compared to ten competitors.

Check the key pages and their SERP positions for different search query words.

Check the total number of backlinks, total number of root domain links, types and anchor text.

Check for Bad links – broken and toxic

Our Off-Page Audit

includes an extensive report of your Website’s authoritativeness, Page Ranks, full evaluation of your backlinks profile and competitors’ analysis. Current state, errors and suggestions.

This Off-Page SEO Audit is delivered as a complete standalone product. After receiving it, you will be able to take action on SEO weaknesses and highlighted opportunities.

Off-Page SEO Audit • SEO Smoothie

Price: EUR 600.00

The price of the service is estimated for a medium-sized website. After you request an Off-Page SEO Audit, we will review your website and let you know if there will be any difference in the price.

For more information on our prices and discounts please check our Pricing Policy Page.

In order to achieve the best Off-Page SEO Optimization we suggest previous Technical, Structure and On-Page SEO Audits to be done.

Off-Page SEO FAQs

Can I order an Off-Page SEO Audit without Keyword Research?

To offer the best on-page SEO optimization, we suggest that you use our company’s keyword research.

What does the Off-Page SEO audit include?

Audit the Domain rank, the total number of root domain links, the total number of backlinks, types and anchor text, the key pages and their SERPs.

Can you show me an example of an Off-Page SEO Audit?

Yes. Here it is an example: Off-Page SEO Audit Example

What is the cost of an Off-Page SEO Audit?

Our price is based on hours spent and depends on the size of the website, but for a medium size website it is around one business day.

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