The Website Structure is crucial for both its usability and findability.

The better the structure is, the easier the crawlers can access and index the content.

The better the structure is, the better the chance of ranking higher in the search engines is.

A proper website structure helps the site’s visitors to find information easily through consistency. New visitors should be able instantly to grasp the site content. When the users find the information quickly, they feel satisfied and this is essential for reducing the bounce rate, which will lead to improving the rankings.

Best practices

A well-organized website looks like a pyramid with a number of levels.

Hierarchical model website structure • SEO Smoothie
Hierarchical model website structure

The three main navigation elements should exist: Primary navigation – Main Top and Bottom; Secondary navigation; Breadcrumbs – Hierarchical navigation.

For best performance, a page should not need more than 5 clicks to be reached.

There should not be any Orphaned Pages.

What you will receive

An extensive Website Structure Audit Document including test results and suggestions.

This Website Structure audit report is delivered as a complete standalone product. After receiving it, you will be able to take action on the highlighted Website Structure SEO weaknesses.

Website Stucture Audit • SEO Smoothie

Price: EUR 280.00

The price of the service is estimated for a medium-sized website. After you request a Website Structure SEO Audit, we will review your website and let you know if there will be any difference in the price.

For more information on our prices and discounts please check our Pricing Policy Page.

Website Structure Audit FAQs

Is the Website Structure SEO Audit important?

The Website structure and the Technical SEO are the foundations of your website SEO and need to be fixed first.

What does the Website Structure SEO Audit include?

We check if your website is built according to best practices: it must be hierarchical in structure, to have good internal navigation, proper page depth and lack of orphan pages.

Can I see an example of Website Structure SEO Audits you did?

You can find links to our Go Live Audits (Website Structure SEO Audit included) on How We Work Page. Or visit our blog, where under the Sloppiest SEO Work Category there is always a monthly winner who receives our FREE SEO AUDITS.

Can I order only a Website Structure SEO Audit?

Yes, you can order only Website Structure SEO Audit.

What to be careful about when troubleshooting Website Structure issues?

Usually, the solutions to the problems are related to changing the structure and URL links. Keep in mind that changing without redirecting can lose trust and ranking.

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