On-Page SEO is called “on-page” because the changes you make to optimize your website can be seen by visitors on your page and every part of on-page SEO is completely up to you.

On-page SEO is important because it tells Google all about your website and how you provide value to visitors and customers. It helps your site to be optimized for both humans and search engine bots.

Pre Click optimization

Pre click optimization refers to the elements seen by a visitor in the SERPs before to click on a link for visiting a website.

Page Title (Heavy weight)

The title is a Primary ranking factor and must include primary, secondary keywords and your brand. They should be positioned close to the beginning.

Meta Description (Medium weight)

The Meta Description is not a direct ranking factor but if contains search term it will be bolded. It should be descriptive and engaging. Limit keywords to avoid stuffing, use only P1.

URL (Light weight)

The URL length should be around 70 characters and to contain P1 keyword or close variant.

Post click

Post click optimization refers to the elements seen by a visitor when visit a website.

Main copy (Heavy weight)

The text should be natural. There is no ideal density formula but you should avoid stuffing. There is no length guidance but the text should not be short either – it should be according what the user expects. Use synonyms and keyword variations.

Headings (Medium weight)

The heading tags help organize your content for readers and help search engines distinguish what part of your content is most important and relevant, depending on search intent.

Incorporate important keywords in your headers, but choose different ones than what’s in your page title.


Internal linking is creating reputation, link your important pages regularly.

Images (Light weight)

Use keywords in the Alt text. Use meaningful file names. It tells Google and other search engines what your images are about, which is important because Google now delivers almost as many image-based results as they do text-based results. It helps your site to appear in the Image Pack which is part of Featured snippets.

What you will receive

An extensive On-Page SEO Audit analyzing all Pre and Post click SEO aspects of your website pages. Current state, errors and suggestions for content update based on the previous Keyword Research.

This On-Page SEO Audit is delivered as a complete standalone product. After receiving it, you will be able to take action on SEO weaknesses and highlighted opportunities.

On-Page SEO Audit • SEO Smoothie

Price: EUR 460.00

The price of the service is estimated for a medium-sized website. After you request an On-Page SEO Audit, we will review your website and let you know if there will be any difference in the price.

For more information on our prices and discounts please check our Pricing Policy Page.

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In order to offer the best On-Page SEO recommendations we suggest a previous Keyword Research to be done.

On-Page SEO FAQs

Can I order On-Page SEO Audit without Keyword Research?

To offer the best on-page SEO optimization, we suggest that you use our company’s keyword research.

What does the On-Page SEO audit include?

The On-Page SEO optimization includes all pre click and post click elements: Page Title, Meta Description, URL, Main Copy, Headings, Hyperlinks and Images.

Can you show me an example of On-Page SEO Audit?

Yes, of course. Just go to our How We Work Page and you will see a link to our initial own audit.

What is the cost of an On-Page SEO Audit?

Our price is based on hours spent and depends on the size of the website. Checking a page generally takes about 10-15 minutes.

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