High Quality SEO Services at Very Affordable Prices

We promise to be 100% transparent. This includes not only the process of our work but probably the most important part for many of you – our prices. Moreover, we will be transparent not only about the final price but also how it has been calculated.

Our prices are based on the estimate of the necessary work calculated with our hourly rate.

100% Transparent Pricing Policy. Base hourly rate – €35 per hour

Bear in mind, that depending on the situation, a different discount may be applied to the final price.

To request an SEO service, all you need to do is using some of our forms providing us the information about the website URL and an email where we will contact you. Immediately after achieving a previous agreement, we will start working on your project.

Service types and Prices

The prices of these services are estimated for a middle size website. After you request an SEO service we will check your website and will inform you if there will be any difference in the price.

In case the estimated price is higher than the real one, there are two options: to make you a discount or to offer you an additional service to top up the work to the estimated price.

If the real price is higher than the estimated and you do not want to go for it, we can exclude some of the services to match the initial one.

Website Technical SEO€ 105
Website Structure SEO Audit€ 80
On-Page SEO Audit€ 160
Off-Page SEO Audit€ 300
Keyword Research (the price is per 1 topic)€ 30
SEO Strategy€ 175
SEO Management*
Economy website launch SEO Audit€ 70
Standard website launch SEO Audit€ 130
Premium website launch SEO Audit€ 240
*Depends on the previously agreed hours.


5% Discount for Galway Clients

5% Discount for Galway Clients • SEO Smoothie • Galway • Ireland
Any new customer located in the city or county of Galway, looking for a marketing agency providing SEO Services will be entitled to an immediate 5% discount on their first service.

Discounts are always applied automatically. In case you are entitled to more than one, you will receive the largest one. When you are entitled for a discount, it will be applied either on the current service or on the next one in case of a referral discount.

Purchased services for above €5005%
Purchased services for above €10007.5%
Purchased services for above €150010%

Referral program

If you refer a client and they buy a service, you will be entitled to a 5% discount on your next service. The new customer (that you sent us) will be entitled to an immediate 3% discount on their first service.

Whether you have a question about our SEO services, packages or need a quote, please do not hesitate to