SEO Smoothie Challenge

An SEO Stuffing Experiment for SEO Galway, SEO Agency Galway Keywords

The following post is the first follow-up of the SEO Company Galway Ireland SEO Keyword Stuffing Experiment. The article could be interesting mainly for SEO specialists and it is not meant for the needs of a regular SEO Client. It contains an excessive use of important keywords for an SEO Company located in Galway: SEO Agency Galway; SEO Company Galway; SEO Audits Galway; Technical SEO Audit Galway; On-Page Audit Galway; Off-Page SEO Galway; SEO Strategy Galway, Ireland; SEO Management Galway, Ireland; SEO Services Galway, Ireland.

If you are a potential SEO Client looking for an SEO Service in Galway (or not in Galway), please visit our dedicated pages

Here is a link if you need a Keyword Research.

In case you are looking for SEO Audits: Technical SEO Audit, Website Structure SEO Audit, On-Page SEO Audit, Off-Page SEO Audit.

If you need SEO Strategy or SEO Management.

Finally, if you are an SEO specialist or just curious, here are the first results.

Brief info about the experiment: The “SEO Agency Galway” post has been created on 27/12/2020 and these first SEO results are collected on 10/01/2021 (half a month later).

The article “SEO Agency Galway” contains more than the accepted amount of the following keywords:

  • SEO Agency Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Company Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Services Galway, Ireland
  • Website Structure SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • Technical SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • Off-Page SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • On-Page SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Audits Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Strategy Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Management Galway, Ireland

You can find more information about the exact numbers and how they are positioned in the publication “SEO Agency Galway”.

First results

According to the SEMrush rankings overview you can see that only for 15 days there are some interesting SEO results for such useless from a client point of view page.

Semrush ranking overview • Stuffing Experiment • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Galway, Ireland
seo audit galway7
seo strategy galway9
technical seo galway10
on page seo galway23
seo management galway23
seo analysis galway28
seo company galway31
seo services galway40
seo agency galway47

Next, you can see the average position chart from the search console for the page.

Search Console Average Position • Stuffing Experiment • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Galway, Ireland

The last screenshot shows the position where this page has been displayed for some queries (Google search console)

Search Console Average Position • Stuffing Experiment • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Galway, Ireland
seo audits ireland30.6
seo company galway37
seo services galway49.5
seo consultant galway60
galway seo63
seo services galway63.2
technical seo ireland83
seo galway87

Waiting to see what will happen next…

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