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SEO Experts Who Don’t Follow Their Own Paid Advice

There is a Scottish proverb that says “Do not judge by appearances. A rich heart may be under a poor coat.”
I like it a lot, but when I look for a service or product my judgment always begins with appearances. For example, if you offer an SEO service, I will check how your own website is doing. I will never take advice or buy a service from someone who doesn’t apply it on their own website.

I do not mind being approached offering me your services. On a contrary, I would love to!

But if you try to sell me something, please bear in mind I am a really fussy client!

For example, I used to receive SEO Backlink Offers from many SEO specialists. In one moment I just could not even ignore them and here you can see my public LinkedIn answer.

Now, directly to the topic.

Yesterday, 23.03.2021 I was contacted by Chase Reiner, owner of Chase Reiner Marketing on LinkedIn. I immediately accepted his invitation as I had read some of his Facebook posts and there, there were interesting things. Sadly, I never had time to visit his website or watch the videos that he constantly promotes…

Screenshot from LinkedIn chat with Chase Reiner

You can read my answer below. It is a direct copy of the chat and is full of errors (spelling, grammar, etc.)😞

Marin Popov sent the following messages at 4:55 PM

Hey, Chase

Happy to connect with you

The true is already follow some of your posts in a Facebook group which I will not name 🙂

I will have a look on it with pleasure, will compare with mine and if u really insist, I do not mind to drop u few lines to share my thoughts


Marin Popov 7:02 AM

Hi Chase, as I have promised, finally I had time to visit your website and to try to see your checklist…unfortunately could not receive the mail. 🙁 if you want I really to have a look and share my opinion u can send it here as an attached file

On the other side if you trying to sell me your services, I am sorry but I should disappoint.

As I said, I have been following your comments on Facebook, unfortunately never had time to visit your website or watch your videos. I am sure they are great, but referring to the website, if it was me I would try to find time and fix some issues. Why? – I believe that our own websites should be a good example of what we recommend to our clients.

Referring to checklists and methodical work, of course if you want to see how and what I do …there a lot of examples on my site including audits etc. they are separated in technical, structure, on-page and off-page. Later today I promise to put online mine to everyone that needs some initial SEO

have a nice day

As promised above, here is a link to the Absolutely Free SEO Technical Audit Checklist. NO subscription or email required. Download in PDF format.

Now I want to show you some things that I have seen in my 3 minute visit on his site. (of course, it took me a lot longer to take the screenshots and make this post)

Not desktop friendly website

It is true that I am getting old but the 2.1rem font size for paragraphs is too much for a 17” laptop screen and especially when the base font size is 16px!

A font size suitable for older people like me
The base font size that needs to be increased further

I tried to read but … I definitely started to get annoyed so I checked the rest. The site is really small, at least the parts you could easily navigate to.

Errors of all types everywhere

(A good way to discover all kinds of problems you may have is simply by hiring our audit services.)

Let’s take for example the LEARN page.

There are many issues, including JavaScript errors, but the most disturbing thing for me was the use of multiple H1 tags: 3 times. In my opinion, using headings as a “style” technique is a bit strange nowadays.

A learn page -
Triple H1

No Video Structured data

An important part of his strategy is a YouTube channel and I expected to see the corresponding Schema markup on the page – obviously I was wrong.

No video schema on a page promoting their video channel

Unexpected links in the header

A strange link seen on

The link will send you to a type of page that I particularly love. 😍

Something generally not wrong but not perfect either

Disallowing internal pages from crawling in robots.txt.

If you want to see what we suggest please visit our “Internal site search results and Google indexing” article.

the robots.txt of

Also, I’m not sure why the same block was repeated four times:

Firstly, in particular for:

•	User-agent: AdsBot-Google; 
•	User-agent: AdsBot-Google-Mobile
•	User-agent: AdsBot-Google-Mobile-Apps

And at the end for everyone:

•	User-agent: *

Something I like but would do a little differently

Adding images to an existing sitemap helps Google discover images that might not otherwise be able to find, but I would personally put them on a separate sitemap.

image sitemap

In the end I want to emphasize that I don’t think we are perfect but at least we do our best without trying to sell our services to colleagues!

For example, for the last 24 hours, we have had problems with our optimization plugin and our core vitals are not vital at all. 😄 😄 😄

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