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Do you need automated traffic, that looks like real human traffic just doesn’t make purchases? You will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics!

As the years go by, the days get longer and the nights get more and more sleepless… So, I’m trying to take advantage of this free time to review some clients that I think can do better.

In my opinion, there is no small or large client and I always try to give them the necessary attention and attend in the best possible way their SEO needs. The reason is simple, for me, my job is not only the way I bring food to my table but also there is one simple understanding of mine that behind every website I work on, there is a person who wants to achieve something and counts on me and my efforts.

Anyway, now straight to the point.

A few days (nights) ago, I was reviewing the data of a small client of mine and to my great surprise I have seen something very strange: 2 spikes with unusually high number of visits in Google Analytics.

unusual spikes in Google Analytics traffic

They have occurred in a week and each of these days the traffic has increased with about 400(10 times) new visits. Usually, the site has between 40 and 50 per day.

I immediately drilled a bit and saw that the type of traffic on the first day was direct, or in other words, Google didn’t know where it was coming from, but on the second it was a referral from a place that I had never seen/heard – The number of pages per session was two and the average duration was 11 seconds.

Cheap Website Traffic

After visiting the URL, I have been JS redirected to

And surprise – Cheap Website Traffic!

According to them:

  • It is automated traffic, they use real web browsers with automation to create it, it means the traffic looks like real human traffic just doesn’t make purchases. They guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics.
  • Most of their clients use their services to improve the websites’ traffic metrics. They can fix the bounce rate, return rate, session time, increase the traffic volume, add more organic or social traffic and work with almost every aspect of the traffic.

At that point I stopped reading and closed the page …

I consulted with my client if they had requested this service and the answer was firm NO.

My conclusion is that the aforementioned company is crawling the web and leaving fingerprints on analytics statistics, so the curious marketing specialists to approach them for their services…  Obviously, this strategy works on small sites as it also caught my attention.

Will I use them? – NO!

But if you have this type of client who always knows everything better than the professional, they have hired … it may be that in this case they deserve to be rewarded with this service.

😁 😁 😁

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