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The SEO Smoothie December 2020 Work Log

The SEO Smoothie December 2020 Work Log Post contains long and boring list tasks and it shows that there is no easy path to success… As we don’t know that easy path we work hard to achieve the results we want to!

Here is a list of the work we did during the month. Unfortunately, thanks to our initial lack of organization, we were unable to record the first 7 days. Apologies for that.

# Task Description Notes
1 Recent Blog Posts slider Creating; Style changes; Implementing on Home page  
2 Attribution page Creating; Including service slider and Recent Posts  
3 WordPress footer link Removed Code changes (deleting) in the footer file
4 Ahref Creating properly dedicated account  
5 SEMRush Creating properly dedicated account  
1 Payment custom functionality Using PayPal as a service provider  
2 Checkout page Creating Disallowed in robots.txt
3 Payment received page Creating; Adding blog slider Disallowed in robots.txt
4 WordPress Update    
5 Plugin Removing Original editor  
6 Plugin Update SSL; Limit log in attempts reloaded  
1 Starting Daily Logs    
2 Review/update Keywords in titles Only in the initially created pages  
3 Review/update Keywords in H1 Only in the initially created pages  
4 Review/update Keywords in descriptions Only in the initially created pages  
5 Blog post Writing Project management in SEO Smoothie  
6 Plugin Update Limit log in attempts reloaded  
1 Plugin Update GDPR Cookie Consent  
2 Blog Post Candidate #2 December 2020 – Writing and publishing  
3 Social Media Candidate 2 December 2020  
4 Sloppy slider Update – Adding candidate #2  
5 Blog Post Writing Candidate #3 December 2020  
1 Social Media Aro Pop-up post  
2 Blog Post  Publishing Challenge 1-st post  
3 Blog Post  Publishing Internal search post  
1 Blog Post  Publishing Sloppy Candidate #3  
2 Slider update  Post Candidate #3  
3 Blog Post Writing Project management in SEO Smoothie  
4 Media Alt tags improvements  
1 RSS Feed Submission    
1 Social media Candidate #3  
2 Plugin updates Edit Author Slug; Limit log in attempts reloaded  
3 Blog Post Publishing Project management in SEO Smoothie  
4 Blog Post Writing & publishing The daily work log post  
5 Style changes  Form response message  Changing the colours to be better visible
7 Style changes Font Styling  
1 Content Edit Removing spacers  
2 Plugin update Yoast SEO  
3 Structure data review    
4 Social activities Challenge the colleagues   
5 Social activities The captcha video – in a LinkedIn group only  
6 Social activities The Facebook post for free advice Pin to the top
1 FAQs Sections WIP  
1 Blog Post  Sloppy Candidate #4  
2 Social media Sloppy Candidate #4  
2 Blog duplicate description Adding page variable  
3 Blog duplicate H1   header.php changes
4 Blog author duplicate page title Adding page variable  
5 Blog author duplicate description Adding page variable  
6 Blog author duplicate H1   index.php changes
7 Creating new user Assigning some of already created posts to it  
8 Blog pagination Removing trailing slash for 1-st link Code changes in pagination.php
9 FAQs Publishing  
1 RSS submissions    
2 Styling Changes    
1 Checkout Link in site main navigation Adding nofollow

Adding class to remove default link style

2 Html sitemap changes Removing checkout pages /html_sitemap exclude=”1068,1116″/
3 Social media Posting Free audit offer to different groups   
1 Backlinks building Analysing where the competitor sites have their links  
1 Fixing canonicals  For pagination pages  functions.php
1 CRM Research    
1 Selling on eBay  Create account, publish 4 audits  
2 Social media eBay awareness campaign  
3 Updating Keyword list Adding Galway, Ireland, brand and blog related  
1 Blog Post  SEO keyword stuffing experiment  
2 Social media SEO keyword stuffing experiment  
1 GSC re-indexing    
2 top navigation changes Adding the audits as 3th level navigation

Adding the blog categories as 2nd level navigation

3 Attribution page Updating meta, adding services & recent post sliders  
4 Style fixes Width of the sub primary menu  
5 Payment pages Removing no follow from navigation

Removing disallow from robots

Improving content adding  FAQ to checkout page

1 Free SEO Audit Page    
1 Style changes Tables   
2 Blog post December winner  
3 Social media December winner  

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