SEO Smoothie Challenge

The #1 month of the life of our SEO company (December 2020)

This is the first post that updates you on how our challenge is going on. It contains information on what has been planned, what has been done, new SEO audits, conclusions and a plan for the next month. Just to remind you, our SEO Objective is: “Move 50% of our 20 top keywords onto the first page of Google Results for Ireland within 12 months”.

As we have promised, we start sharing how we managed our Digital Marketing SEO Company website over the last month, our Search Engine Optimisation results followed by the next short plans.

The Plan for the first month was a little bit vague

Creating new content, fixing the content gap issues discovered during the initial SEO audit, performing regular social activity, competitor analysis, keyword gap analysis and Backlinks building.

If you want to check how all this started, please visit: Why do we challenge ourselves post.

What we did

Here is a list of the tasks we did during the first month. Unfortunately, thanks to our initial lack of organization, we were unable to record the first 7 days. Apologies for that.

It is a long and boring list, but anyway, if you are curious and want to check it out, here is a link: December 2020 Work Log

Technical SEO Audit

Here is the Technical Audit for January 2020.

Have we completed our expectations?

Creating new content: We started the month with only 16 pages and NO Blog section. Currently we have 40 Pages (35 indexed by Google). The SEO Blog started to grow including next categories: SEO SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE and SLOPPIEST SEO WORK.

Fixing the content gap issues: Currently all the Text/HTML ratio is above 15%.

Performing regular social activity: We regularly published information about our new Search Engine Optimisation publications on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The free SEO audit campaign has also started.

Competitor analysis: We did backlink building based on some of the places they had already created.

Here we want to share some screens from our Search Console after our first month

SEO Smoothie Challenge • Month #1 • GSC 1 • SEO Company • Ireland
SEO Smoothie Challenge • Month #1 • GSC 2 • SEO Company • Ireland
SEO Smoothie Challenge • Month #1 • GSC 3 • SEO Company • Ireland
SEO Smoothie Challenge • Month #1 • GSC 4 • SEO Company • Ireland

The Plan for the Second Month

  • Create 10 new posts
  • Create price information page
  • Create referral page
  • Create free audit pop-up (in the blog)
  • Create How-To blocks
  • Perform regular social media activity
  • Establish the KPIs and set targets
  • Start tracking campaigns (Free Audit in Social Media for example) 
  • Backlink building