SEO Smoothie Challenge

We promise 100% transparency about our own SEO strategy and results

Woody Allen Quote: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”
Why do we challenge ourselves?
We will always share our plans and results and hopefully the fear of embarrassment will keep us away from the careless work.

The answer is very simple: we don’t want to be careless and win our own “Sloppiest SEO Work” competition.

We created a brand new website – SEO Smoothie and decided to make it SEO popular.

On 29.11.2020, the first and very tiny version of the website was published after passing the initial (go live) audits.

You can see and download them from the following links:

SEO Smoothie – Keyword Research

SEO Smoothie – Technical SEO Audit

SEO Smoothie – Website Structure

SEO Smoothie – On-Page Audit

An SEO Objective has been set: “Move 50% of our 20 top keywords onto the first page of Google Results for Ireland within 12 months”.

We adopted the following SEO Strategy: work, work and more work.

Joking apart!

For increasing the ranking we need traffic. For achieving a good traffic we need content. Writing a good quality content is not an easy task as the content should be engaging, useful and of course SEO Optimized. To accomplish all of the above, we decided slightly to go into the “Yellow News” direction. Let’s be clear – NO FAKE News or Statements!

We will be just provocative and critical of ourselves, our colleagues and competitors – mainly of them.😀😀😀

That was the reason for the creation of our first blog category “Sloppiest SEO Work”. The truth is that it is not all about the traffic – we think that these posts will be useful as different SEO issues, SEO opportunities and tasks that we omit to perform on regular basis can be seen.

Now I feel obliged to mention that this is not the type of traffic that perfectly fits our buyer persona. Wait for a moment – we do not mind other SEO Agencies using our SEO Consultation Services and after that we to put the results in Our Happy Clients Page.


As the strategy is a process of planning, outlining and implementing steps (small steps), here you can see the planned small steps for the first month:

  • Creating new content.
  • Fixing the content gap issues.
  • Regular social activity.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Backlinks building.
  • Monthly audit and Report.
  • Planning the next month activities.

Let the show begin!

First month results.