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Always Disallow, Noindex and Nofollow your Test Environments

Pointing out an SEO issue when using subdomains as a test environment and revealing an SEO opportunity for fixing it.
Generally speaking, this can be avoided with better production process planning but in case if it has already happened, it can be discovered by the regular SEO checks and after that fixed.

December 2020 Sloppiest SEO Candidate # 3

Our third candidate for the December 2020 Monthly Sloppy SEO Competition is again a Spanish Marketing Consultant Company. As a matter of fact, they do well and actually do not deserve to be here. The reason we include them is because they are so polite to show us a very rare case that leads to duplicate content issue but solving it, on the other side, is actually a hidden SEO Opportunity.

The third candidate we have in mind is named: “ESPINOSACONSULTORES”

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Sloppiest SEO • espinosaconsultores • speed • SEO Smoothie

Although the mobile speed is not great what we want to bring to your attention is something else – it is about the site most important pages based on page authority.

Sloppiest SEO • espinosaconsultores • moz • SEO Smoothie

The best positioned links after the domain and an image link are the links to subdomain pages. After doing some research, we came to the conclusion that it is common practice for this company to use subdomains as a testing environment and probably to offer some customers inexpensive website solutions.

Sloppiest SEO • espinosaconsultores • subdomain • SEO Smoothie

In general, we do not see anything wrong with this solution. The only difference in our approach would be to use a separate domain but not the main one for creating such environment.

Anyway, in both cases you should restrict the access to the sites and pages you do not want to be crawled or indexed.

Sloppiest SEO • espinosaconsultores • subdomain index • SEO Smoothie

Even though they have a large robots.txt file, they have not disallowed the access to this version of the site neither have used “noindex”.

Sloppiest SEO • espinosaconsultores • robots • SEO Smoothie

At one point or another, this will lead to either duplicate content or, like in the example with “totamona”, errors of all indexed pages as the sub-domain site has been removed.

Sloppiest SEO • espinosaconsultores • subdomain error • SEO Smoothie

In case we had been careless or for some reason we had needed these pages to be indexed, now we would have the opportunity to redirect them accordingly.

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