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November 2020 Sloppiest SEO Player

The Sloppiest SEO Work Competition just started and already has its first monthly winner – November 2020. As promised, the winner has already received our FREE SEO Audit and in this way they will have the opportunity to fix their problems, of course if they want to!
Here you will see some really cool SEO “best practices” …

Our November Winner is a South African Digital Marketing Agency with high ambitions for the Australian market

Here you can see a lot of interesting things:

  • How to migrate from old domain to new one avoiding duplicate content pages.
  • Proper use of canonical tags.
  • How to take advantage of the most visited page for a lead generation.
  • And our favourite: Unconventional use of high volume keywords.

As we promised, they already have received our audits. They can be seen and downloaded from the following links:

CleverClicksDigital -Technical SEO Audit

CleverClicksDigital  – Website Structure SEO Audit

How to migrate from old domain to new one avoiding duplicate content pages

18 months ago the company changed their domain. There is some redirect functionality in place but it is mainly creating a duplicate content.

Bad Redirects • SEO Smoothie

The canonical tag is self-referencing canonical.

Bad canonicals • SEO Smoothie

The problem is that there is another identical page (the right one), which properly uses self-referencing canonical tag too.

Bad canonicals • SEO Smoothie

Proper use of canonical tags

The site uses self-referencing canonicals…but not exactly.

Bad canonicals • SEO Smoothie

How to take advantage of the most visited page for lead generation

Here is the list of the top ranked pages worldwide. Let’s take the first page as an example.

It is a blog post. It has 86 links, which is good, but if we look in the details we will see that these are the common links for any blog post – main menu, categories and footer menu.

The next big group are the links to images, which represents all internal links from the blog copy…

Bad internal linking • SEO Smoothie

And our favourite: unconventional use of high volume keywords

Lorem Ipsum • Estimated Search Volume • SEO Smoothie
Unconventional use of high volume keywords • SEO Smoothie

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