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Responsive Web Design Company in Galway City

Our first candidate for the December 2020 Monthly Sloppiest SEO Competition makes big promises to their clients but the reality of their current SEO is slightly different…

December 2020 Sloppiest SEO Candidate # 1

The first candidate we have in mind is named

Media Pro Web Design Galway
The Responsive Web Design Company in Galway City

Before posting this we dropped them next email:

Hi guys,
I came across your website by accident … I was looking for the next winner of my new competition:
Even though you offer SEO Services I see that you need some help for your own site.
Just drop me a mail and we can arrange some consultation…
All the best

As a response we received a nice and polite strong disagreement 😜

Nice and polite answer from a company

When there is more than one opinion it is always better to provide the facts and everyone to be able to decide by themselves.

Realy quick and small Technical SEO

Website Speed Optimization Service

We believe that someone having as a main service “Website Speed Optimization” should be able to do it a little bit better that: 14% Mobile Speed and 34 % Desktop Speed for their home page.

14% Mobile Speed
The Mobile Speed is only 14%
34 % Desktop Speed
The Desktop Speed is only 34 %

Visiting the Services Page, which BTW has very interesting URL ( – sorry but will not enter in details about website and URL structure) you can see what they promise and what they claim to have achieved.

If a website does not load faster than...
If a website does not load faster than 3 seconds…
Website optimization promises.
All green…

Now you can see the real result:

12% Speed is actually red but not green...
Not really a lot…

In our opinion, it is incorrect the clients to be misled in a similar way!

As a matter of fact, this could be just a temporary issue and we decided to run a quick “Screaming Frog” test to see how they care about some other SEO aspects.

Here you can see short summery of the “Screaming Frog” test

The site has 66 pages so you can decide if the number of the reported issues is important.

404 errors
404 errors - Screaming Frog report
Page Titles
Page titles - Screaming Frog report
Meta description
Meta description - Screaming Frog report
H1 - Screaming Frog report
Canonicals - Screaming Frog report
Open Graph Tags
Open Graph - Screaming Frog report

We hope this really small and quick Technical SEO Example will motivate everyone to check if what they offer corresponds to what they have on their own websites.

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