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Duplicate homepage decorated with huge meta description and keywords

We are pleased to present to you a very strong candidate for the top spot this month.
Our Candidate #4 for the December 2020 Monthly Sloppy SEO Competition is the “BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPNAY IN …”

December 2020 Sloppiest SEO Candidate # 4

Let me tell you how they caught my attention…

Since I love keeping up with everything new, I am a member of a very interesting LinkedIn group: “SEO On-Page / Technical”.

The Best Digital Marketing Company

A few days ago a company shared a post in the group… After visiting their LinkedIn profile and their website, I couldn’t miss what they think of themselves.

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • Best SEO • Sloppy SEO Players
Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • Best SEO • Sloppy SEO Players
Duplicate Home Page

The Double Homepage

And this, of course, made me spend 5 minutes checking what their actual SEO level is.

I looked only at the homepage but it was more than enough. In fact, I have visited it twice:



At that point, I decided to message them by sending them the image below as a hint and asking if they can tell me what SEO problem I see…

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • SEO question • Sloppy SEO Players

They were really very polite saying thank you for my SEO suggestions.

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • LinkedIn comment • Sloppy SEO Players

Today in the very forum they have shared a post offering us their services…

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • LinkedIn SEO Spam • Sloppy SEO Players

I just don’t accept that someone who has TWO homepages and hasn’t heard of canonical tags could offer me the best SEO services!

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • Canonicals • Sloppy SEO Players

Okay, you can say that probably everything else is perfect and you could be right…


Meta Title

Meta Title – 252 characters

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • Meta Title • Sloppy SEO Players
Meta Description

Meta Description – 4618 characters

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • Meta Description • Sloppy SEO Players
Meta Keywords

Meta Keywords – 135 items

Poor me … I thought that this tag is obsolete.

Sloppiest SEO • prdigitalwebsolutions • Meta Keywords • Sloppy SEO Players

By the way, if you are not looking for the best SEO services, but only the usual ones, you can check what we can offer you.

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