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Daily Work Log: is it really necessary?

When the process is previously planned and the information about the work is properly recorded, it is easier for you and for the client to track what and how has been done to achieve the reported results.

Nowadays the business world uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and this is no different for SEO agencies. The truth is that the CRMs have everything you need. You can manage all your business relationships: plan, schedule and run reports of all your interactions with old and new customers. CRM systems help SEO companies to stay connected with clients, organize and streamline processes and improve profitability.

On the other hand, they can be complicated and with too many options that you don’t need. Their cost is also something that must be considered carefully as the pricing information is not always clear. Here is an interesting article where you can see a comparison between different CRM costs.

The bottom line is that if you already use a CRM or some other project management software, you most likely don’t need a daily work log.

In case you don’t use such software yet, the Daily Work Log can help you in at least two ways:

  • To make the reports;
  • To track the reasons for changes in SEO performance.

Using SharePoint or some other versioned cloud-based storage is beneficial when more than one person is working on the project or you want to track changes historically.

As we are still researching which management software would be the most suitable for us, we temporarily decided to use a simple daily log to track the work we do on our website. Here you can download our Daily Work Log template. As you can see, it is nothing special, just a Word document with simple tables for each day containing 3 columns: Tasks, Description and Notes.

It may seem like unnecessary additional work, but the truth is that: “Whoever thinks they will remember – forgets, whoever writes a note – remembers.”

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