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Galway SEO Agency offers full SEO Services to all companies in Galway

The following post is an SEO Keyword Stuffing Experiment and it is not written for the needs of a regular SEO Client. It contains an excessive use of an important keywords for an SEO Company situated in Galway, Ireland: SEO Company Galway; SEO Agency Galway; SEO Audits Galway; Technical SEO Audit Galway; Website Structure SEO Audit Galway; On-Page SEO Audit Galway; Off-Page SEO Audit Galway; SEO Strategy Galway; SEO Management Galway; SEO Services Galway.

An SEO Keyword Stuffing Experiment

If you are a genuine human being looking for an SEO Service in Galway (or not in Galway), please do not waste your time reading this article but visit our dedicated pages:

Anyway, if you are SEO Specialist you can read a little bit more…

BTW, I think that the SEO People can still be genuine human beings.


About the experiment: The article will contain excessive amount of the following Keywords:

  • SEO Company Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Agency Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Audits Galway, Ireland
  • Technical SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • Website Structure SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • On-Page SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • Off-Page SEO Audit Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Strategy Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Management Galway, Ireland
  • SEO Services Galway, Ireland

Annoying? – Definitely YES!


The “SEO Agency Galway” post has been created on 27/12/2020

The SEO Company in Galway Ireland article has 869 words.

You can find here “SEO Company Galway” 10 times;

“SEO Agency Galway”: 13;

“SEO Services Galway”: 8;

Without Galway – “SEO Agency”: 19, “SEO Company”: 16, “SEO Services”:14.

“SEO Audits Galway”: 4;

“Technical SEO Audit Galway”: 4;

“Website Structure SEO Audit Galway”: 4;

“On-Page SEO Audit Galway”: 4;

“Off-Page SEO Audit Galway”: 4;

“SEO Strategy Galway”: 4;

“SEO Management Galway”: 4;

The URL:;

The Page Title is: “SEO Agency Galway: Audit, Strategy, Management • Ireland”;

The Meta Description is: “SEO Smoothie is an SEO Company in Galway, Ireland • SEO Services Galway: SEO Audits, SEO Strategy, SEO Management • SEO Agency located in Galway Ireland”;

The H1 is: ”Galway SEO Agency offers full SEO Services to all companies in Galway”.

At this point it might be a good moment to stop reading The “SEO Company in Galway” post …

We promise to provide monthly ranking information for the “SEO Agency Galway” article based on the following 10 keywords “SEO Agency Galway; SEO Company Galway; SEO Services Galway; SEO Audits Galway; Website Structure SEO Audit Galway; Technical SEO Audit Galway; Off-Page SEO Audit Galway; On-Page SEO Audit Galway; SEO Management Galway; SEO Strategy Galway”.

There are some SEO Companies located physically in Galway but if you search in Google: “SEO Company Galway” the SERPs will be much more than the real ones. The reason is because Galway is one of the biggest cities in Ireland and the SEO geniuses expect a lot of clients that are looking for “SEO Company Galway”. Actually, it is kind of strange:  Even though I have Business located in Galway why the SEO Company should be in Galway? Anyway, here it is an interesting fact: the monthly search volume from Ireland is: 10

SEO Company Galway • SEO Smoothie • Ireland

So, you are looking for ”SEO Company Galway” or “SEO Agency Galway” because you need SEO Services in Galway.

The search volume for “SEO Agency Galway” from Ireland is not great either: 10 times per month.

The interesting thing is that in India the interest for that word combination (“SEO Agency Galway”) is the exact same amount…

SEO Agency Galway • SEO Smoothie • Ireland

The search volume for the other very important keyword “SEO Services Galway” is about the same.

Unfortunately, it turned out that I have not chosen the best combination because searching only for “SEO Galway” is much better: 110

At that point I realised that writing such type of article can reward you with decent headache, so I decided to change the initial plan and to focus only on the main keywords: “SEO Company Galway”,

“SEO Agency Galway” and “SEO Services Galway” which have already generated some repetitions. Not mentioning that there are also some other variations too.

I am really curious to see whether I will be penalised and how or I will hit the top with these really important article.


Have you asked Google recently?

SEO Galway

After the adverts, in the real SERPs, you can see some SEO Companies that offer you “SEO Galway” but if you are looking for a hardworking, results driven SEO Agency in Galway, the answer you need is SEO Smoothie.

SEO Company Galway

In case you are looking for SEO Company Galway that offers full SEO Services: Audits, Analysis, Strategy and Management, the first answer in our mind is “SEO Smoothie – SEO Agency Galway”

SEO Agency Galway

SEO Smoothie – New Wave SEO Agency in Galway. We are specialized exclusively in Search Engine Optimization. OUR #1 FOCUS is RESULTS!

SEO Services Galway

Sometimes all you need is just a tip, but not a full paid service. If you need SOME FREE SEO HELP, please drop us an email with your website name inside and you will receive Free SEO Services in Galway.

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