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Sloppiest SEO Work Competition. “Website coming soon!” for 8 years

In this post you can see that all you need for ranking are just three things: “Website coming soon!”, the right domain name and to live it for a while… This is another example of how domain age combined with keywords in the domain still yields ranking results in 2021. SEO recommendations vs reality.

Keywords in the domain name

I would like to present you our “Candidate” #2 –

Why do I use quotes? – The truth is that there is nothing wrong with buying a domain and until the site is ready to show “Website coming soon!” and contact information. • 2021-01-10 • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency

Looking at that page I wanted to obtain a little bit more information about them: domain age, historical data, backlinks and of course ranking 😀 😀 😀.

The Domain Age is an important SEO factor8
Creation Date Estimation: 2013-01-09 • Domain age • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency

The next step was checking the historical changes. • 2013-02-06 • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency

It turned out that it has been “coming soon” for some years – since June 2013.

Domain Rating (DR)*0
*Domain Rating is a metric developed by Ahrefs which shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile on a scale of 1 to 100. • Domain rating • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • Galway, Ireland

It isn’t a surprise at all that they even have some backlinks. They are listed in a business directory under the category: Best SEO Companies in Galway Ireland.

Below you can see what I found after checking the position for “Galway SEO” keyword. • Ranking • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • Galway, Ireland

And here is the result if you misspell “GalwaySEO” instead of “Galway SEO”. Nice, isn’t it? • SERP ranking • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • Ireland

The first result is their Twitter account, #4 – their Facebook page and #5 is the position of the website.

Now, I want to show you the really cool part: the local business results. • Local ranking • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • Galway, Ireland

As I do not agree “coming soon” (for 8 years) to be on that place, I did what I believe is right:

Reviewed and reported to Google.

I am very curious to see if, when and what effect it will have. is an online business, but it has never worked as such! It is actually just a parked domain, with the possible purpose of selling it at some point. It should not be ranked in google local business!

I know that theCandidate” #2 is very similar to January 2021 Sloppiest SEO Candidate #1 but we wanted to include it, because it shows us another good example of the controversy of SEO recommendations vs reality.

The Google Reaction – 26/01/2021 - report submitted and not applied • Sloppiest SEO Candidate • SEO Smoothie • Galway

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