Sloppiest SEO Work

Transparent sticky menu overlapping all page elements on scroll

Fixed header main menu with transparent background “enhances” user experience by covering other elements while scrolling. Mobile Page Speed – 6. Field Data: First Contentful Paint (FCP) – 3.3 s, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – 4.1 s. Lab Data: First Contentful Paint – 8.6 s, Speed Index – 18.0 s, Largest Contentful Paint – 30.3 s, Time to Interactive – 24.7 s, Total Blocking Time – 4,240 ms.

Nowadays the world of the online business is more competitive than ever and that is why everything matters and probably the most important is the website speed and the user experience.

Half a month ago we contacted a marketing company not only showing them some very important SEO problems they had but also how they could solve them.

Today we have visited their website one more time and, surprise, everything remains the same.

It is possible that we may not have spoken to the right person as the responsibilities of the employees in the most of the companies are often reduced to a specific area and they generally do not have time or simply do not care about the rest of the problems that surround them.

Or probably, we needed to explain why these issues need to be fixed, although it should be more than clear to any digital marketer or developer why the mobile page speed and the UX are important.

On the other side, another and very probable simple explanation is that they are a just bigger marketing company than us and our professional opinion does not matter…

Anyhow, here is a video where you can see what we mean:

I want with this example to remind everyone that the regular health checks of your products matter and if you are lucky someone to show you a problem, to be grateful and take advantage of the free opportunity to fix it.

At the end I want to quote a Danish Proverb that says “A little stone may upset a large cart“.

I hope we will manage to avoid the stones on our road with quality work and attention to the details.