Sloppiest SEO Work

The Sloppiest SEO Work Category Conception

By “Sloppy SEO Work” we mean tasks performed carelessly or lazily by ourselves or our colleagues.
Be aware that sloppy work can harm your business success!
For many SEO Companies all is just about time and money…but for us it is not! Please, do not understand us wrongly – we are not perfect either but we can promise you 3 things: honesty, hard work and transparency.

It is much easier to criticize rather than create something… Creating something nice properly is even harder to achieve!

And here we go – we have decided to create a content criticizing the other Digital Marketing Players.

Our first Blog Category will be about the Sloppiest SEO Work seen around the net.

We will regularly put funny (in our opinion) SEO things and at the end of each month there will be a winner who will receive our prize – a FREE SEO Audit. In this way they will have the opportunity to fix their problems, of course if they want to take advantage of our FREE SEO Audit.

Dear fellows, please do not get upset if you find your work listed here.

Do not forget that even the bad advertisement coming from a domain with lower ranking is still advertising…

If you are curious about our first winner please visit our November 2020 Sloppiest SEO Player.

Here you can read about the real reason behind the idea.

Candidates & Winners

  • Monthly Sloppy Players December 2020 - Candidate # 1

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