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A quick and easy way to find the right FAQs

According to Neil Patel, the FAQ schema can help your site rank higher in less than 30 minutes. Here’s an easy way to find quickly the right questions.

This very short post is not about the benefits of the FAQ schema markup neither how to create and implement it.

It is about the moment before that, when you have the topic but you are stuck finding the right questions for your future FAQs.

The solution is simple: Answer The Public – this website tool offers free visual keyword research & content ideas that will solve all your problems literally for less than a minute.

Answerthepublic • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Ireland

Let’s imagine you are writing a blog post about Galway, a city in Ireland and you want to find the most appropriate and asked questions in the internet about it. You need only to type “Galway” in the search box and you will immediately discover what the people ask about.

Here are the results for the example search of “Galway”.

You can see that alongside the standard data results view, there is also a great interactive graphical presentation.

Answerthepublic • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Ireland
Answerthepublic • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Ireland

The suggestions are not only for questions, there is additional information on: prepositions, comparisons, alphabeticals and other related.

All of these can be downloaded as an image or a csv file.

Answerthepublic • SEO Smoothie • SEO Agency • Ireland

After solving this comes the easy part: finding the answers and implementing the schema. 😊

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