Sloppiest SEO Work

Duplicate homepage decorated with huge meta description and keywords

We are pleased to present to you a very strong candidate for the top spot this month.
Our Candidate #4 for the December 2020 Monthly Sloppy SEO Competition is the “BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPNAY IN …”

SEO Smoothie Challenge

Daily Work Log: is it really necessary?

When the process is previously planned and the information about the work is properly recorded, it is easier for you and for the client to track what and how has been done to achieve the reported results.

Sloppiest SEO Work

Always Disallow, Noindex and Nofollow your Test Environments

Pointing out an SEO issue when using subdomains as a test environment and revealing an SEO opportunity for fixing it.
Generally speaking, this can be avoided with better production process planning but in case if it has already happened, it can be discovered by the regular SEO checks and after that fixed.

SEO Fruits - White Hat SEO

Internal site search results and Google indexing

So, what to do? Should we disallow the website internal search results to be indexed by Google and how to do that?
The short answer is “Yes” and either of the following easy options could be used:
• Disallowing the crawlers access in robots.txt
• Preventing from indexing using a meta tag